Church must be a place where anyone can feel welcomed, accepted, valued and encouraged… like true family. There’s always room for one more! We believe the Church meets not only on Sundays but from house-to-house and table-to-table as we actively share life together.


We are Together in Vision & Purpose and unified as a church. We believe in blessing, encouraging and working together for the common goal to build Christ’s Kingdom and share the One Hope for our world, Jesus! We value cooperating with other churches that are striving to make Christ known. The “Church Unified” is a powerful force for change.


We delight to Encounter His Life-Altering Presence through Worship, His Word and Prayer.  We believe that His Presence can be found anywhere if we are looking for Him. We need His Presence in our daily lives as well as when we gather as a church. The Holy Spirit will fill and empower us to handle every situation as we yield to His Presence.


Prayer is more than a ‘formula’ or a duty. It is an active two-way conversation with the Creator of all things! God hungers to hear His children speak to Him.  We believe that God can do anything and loves to answer the prayers of His children. As a church, Prayer is our Foundation!


We believe in exemplifying Accountability, Honesty, Transparency and Humility as we seek to honor God with everything we do.


God takes us just as we are but empowers us to change as we seek Him. He alone has the power to truly Transform us and create within us a new spirit and a new heart. In Him, we can find true purpose and fulfillment. As a church, we believe we must engage our world ‘where it lives’ and will do all things possible to take action to engage our world with the freedom that Christ brings.  We may change our methods but never the Message!


The church is no greater than the ‘sum of its parts’.  We are all created to contribute, to bless and to Serve with the Talents and Gifts God has given to each one.  Together, we can change the atmosphere in Haarlem and across the world in Practical and Spiritual ways.


The undeserved gift of life that Jesus bestowed was never meant to be hoarded, but given away. It is God’s will that we make honest disciples, not just ‘church converts’. We have a mandate to change our world and this can only happen when we love with no-strings-attached, share our faith and give it away. What God has done for one He will do for another!