Rogier & Ramona v/d Hoed

Ramona and Rogier have lived in Haarlem for the past 10 years with their two daughters. In Haarlem they have done several projects for the local church network GIDS (Geloven in de Stad). They both have a heart for Teenagers and Young Adults. Rogier works for a travel company and Ramona is youth pastor and has her own business in healthcare consultancy.
Rogier loves sports, good food and likes to play the drums. Ramona likes to bake and make music.


Frank Bouwens

Frank has lived in Belgium, France and Spain and sees himself more as a European than a Dutchman. A “polyglot”, he loves to pioneer new things and has been involved in international church ministry for 25 years! He co-founded a pilgrim’s hostel in the Camino de Santiago in Spain and was a staff-member at the “International Church of Barcelona” during its inception.  He co-founded the “International Church of Leiden” in the Netherlands and in Haarlem pioneered “Serve the City,” an outreach to people in need. Married to Josefine, they have two young-adult girls. Together they love to see new people coming to Christ and discovering all He has in store for them.  … (P.S. Frank likes coffee, cheese and chocolate!)

Kent & Leslie Linneweh2.jpg

Kent & Leslie Linneweh

Kent & Leslie have been in full-time ministry since 1987. They served as Youth Pastors for almost 19 years in St. Joseph, MO. Kent is from St. Joseph and Leslie grew up in Niagara Falls, NY. They have two grown daughters, Olivia and Hilary. They have had the privilege to live in The Netherlands since 2004 and have been involved in starting several International Churches and a youth discipleship school. Leslie is an excellent cook and loves to read. Kent loves good coffee, guitars, worship leading, Blues music and… more Good Coffee!. They love to believe with people for God’s best in their lives.