Sunday service…


Touching a Historic City with the Love of a Timeless God


Always Welcome…

We may be a new church in Haarlem, but we hope you find us as familiar and as warm as your favorite sweater. Simply, we exist to honor Jesus Christ and provide a place of belonging for the many people in the Haarlem area from so many diversities, cultures and backgrounds. Whether you are Dutch, Chinese, American… or from the most remote part of the Globe, we wish to provide a place where you can be yourself and yet find who you truly were meant to be in Christ. Our life should be more than just an ‘existence’. God created us to be living examples of His love, compassion and hope… a reflection of Him! Regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve done, there is still hope. You’ll find people from every-walk-of-life here… people just like you!  At The Meeting Place there is always room for ‘one more’. We hope you visit us soon… and decide to stay a while!

Our Mission

“The Mission of the Meeting Place is to be a Living Intersection where Anyone can Meet the risen Jesus, Connect with others and Engage their world with a new Passion and Purpose.”

Who Are We?

We are a group of Dutch and Americans (so far!) that are crazy enough to believe God wants to do something exceptional in the Haarlem area…. In spite of ourselves!

When and Where do you gather?*

Great question! Since we are just getting started, we currently meet in our homes and plan soon to meet in a public facility. Come join us and make some new friends, build fresh relationships and let’s see where God takes us! 

*(To join one of our meetings, you can contact us from the info at the Contact Us menu page)





At the Meeting Place everyone is sincerely accepted, welcomed and valued . There is always room for One More!


We are a place to meet others and build lasting, encouraging relationships, and most importantly… to meet God! He is the One who has the plans for our hope and our future.


We want to ENGAGE God and ENGAGE the world! This happens when we discover our God-inspired purposes, invest in the lives of others and seek to share the Hope that we have with those around us.


The world is getting Smaller…..

…our Table is becoming Bigger!